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Giltgrip ® Rug Grip

Giltgrip ® Rug Grip

If your rug is walking or moving, or if the corners are turning upwards, then we recommend Giltgrip Rug Grip.  This fantastic product is a multi purpose non skid underlay pad, with a slight tacky surface which means it will adhere to most surfaces. It won't damage or leave a residue on any flooring type, and it can be used on carpet and hard, smooth flooring surfaces (wooden floors, concrete, lino etc)


Don't be tempted by cheaper alternatives, this product is of a high quality and lasts for years. 


Available in 90 x 100cm and 180 x 100cm packs

* Absolutely skid proof 

* Will not rot, crumble, flatten out or shed fibers

* Prevents unwanted moisture and mildew buildup

* Completely odourless

* Super easy to install - no special tools required.

* Easily picked up and repositioned.  


GST Included
Colour: Grey
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