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 Axminster carpets are synonymous with New Zealand history, bringing back vivid colours, bold shapes and designs of carpets from yesteryear that once adorned the floors of New Zealand homes.

We're thrilled that these vintage beauties are being upcycled and now take pride of place as a feature piece in todays modern homes, and deservedly so.

We accept all vintage carpets, as long as they're clean, in good condition and all hazardous items removed (ie flooring tacks).


From understated accents to bold additions, we offer an extensive range of vintage yarn colours for your overlocked edging.

Make the statement you want to make!



Underlay isn't just crucial for comfort underfoot, but it also drastically helps maintain your carpet life span as well as providing extra protection against moisture. It is also a great shock absorber, meaning it's ideal for reducing noise from things like footsteps, voices or moving furniture.

We recommend an underlay backing for aged, vintage carpet as it also adds a degree of depth to the carpet piece.

Enquire about our underlay options today!

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