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FR Sumba Jute Runner

FR Sumba Jute Runner

Bring the beauty of natural fibres to your living space with this 100% jute floor rug. Handwoven in a simple, understated design, the Sumba adds stunning texture and a sense of rustic charm to your interior.


Samba is also available in sizes 160x230cm, 200x290cm & 250x350cm


We recommend using an anti-slip rug underlay such as Rug Grip to protect floors, soften the feel underfoot and ensure the longevity of your rug.


Please note:

As with many natural products, like wood for example, wool will always feature some degree of colour variation. If your rug arrives and doesn't look quite like it is pictured online, this is to be expected, and can even be celebrated! Naturally-occurring differences like these ensure that the Tundra rugs look as natural as possible, and also makes each rug unique.

  • Care Instructions

    Vacuum gently with a good quality vacuum cleaner to help remove excess fibres. Avoid using a brush head on the vacuum cleaner as the friction can cause the fibres to become unsettled. If possible, you can also shake your floor rug - this helps to remove dust and dirt as well as maintaining the pile.

     Due to the handwoven nature of many of our floor rugs you may notice that loops or ends of yarns pop up occasionally. They can be easily mended by careful trimming with a pair of scissors or pushing them back through to the underside.

    Spot clean any spills with a small amount of lukewarm water with a touch of wool-friendly detergent. Use a cloth to gently dab at the mark, never rub. Remove excess moisture by dabbing gently at the area with a dry towel.

GST Included
Colour: Brown
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